Dream guy ! 


A  handsome and attractive guy … started talking to her ….he was kind ,loving,pure,sincere and above all was everything a girl needs ….

He liked her …her nature,sincerity,dedication and above all love for nature and those fictional creatures which have only lived in her imaginations and fantasies….which were born after every new book she have read….the love in her eyes whenever she talked about her geek….simply everything..

They begain to talk everyday and then there was a time when it became a routine ….

Girl being unawared that someone has started loving her ….she talked about everything….there life experiences..there everyday trolls…there class fellows…. Funny life experiences… Talked about her passions ….her hobbies…nearly everything….just like she has found a best friend other than the book!!!

After some time of these things carried on she too loved talking to him because she thought he is the only one who could understand her ….no one else ever have before…. or we can say she was in love with him too….

One day the guy told her all his feelings about her ….but she remained quite not telling anything about her own feelings neither accepting his …..

Why?…the question arises…

Because here she haven’t forgotten the goal…the promise she made to her self….the dedication she gave to something else more more important than the love she got …. 

The promise she made to herself that she would become a good daughter….

The goal was to make her parents proud…

She gave all her dedication to the studies…

And  his feelings were left unanswered… Just because she knew it that nobody really could understand her…that day she broke,felt soo lonely and honestly always wanted to accept him ….but she couldn’t just couldn’t…..


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